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Adsun telecom industry was setup in 2016 and since then we have made a huge name for our brand ITG tempered glasses. We have a total production capacity of producing 10 lakh tempered glasses in one day. Many huge names are already our partners. We are the largest manufacturing company of tempered glasses in India. 

Most of the companies out there claim their tempered glass rating to be 9H or even 10H which is not true as diamond is rated as 10 in mohs scale. Our tempered glasses are all hardened to 9H with added flexibility for shock absorption. Our glasses are laminated as well because real 9H tempered glass completely shatters instead cracking with spider webs. 

For example look at the first image of the tempered glass. This tempered glass is toughened as well but this is not true 9H.


Whereas a true Toughened 9H tempered glass looks more like the image below:

This density in the shatter spider web lines shows that tempered glass in 2nd image is much more toughened.

We manufacture all kinds of qualities from cheapest to the highest grade. If you bought a tempered glass in India it is highly probable that the tempered glass was manufactured in our manufacturing unit with custom logo and branding. All well established tempered glass selling companies are already our B2B clients.

In fact both the tempered glasses shown in the images above were manufactured in our facility but our aim is to sell the highest grade quality to all our customers as in this day and age our mobile phone has become our companion. From work tasks to entertainment we all rely on our mobile phones.

We also spend a lot on a mobile phone why not buy the best quality screen protector which is ITG – Premium real 9H tempered glasses. We also manufacture different variants like AG matte or silk touch tempered glasses but they do not offer the toughness or the clear screen display as they distort colors of the screen. 

Use ITG – Premium real 9H tempered glasses for no color distortion and a full immersive display.

Technology redefined


We are not at all bragging when we say we are the number one

We also deal in and manufacture other products like LEDs and Television.

Our other products will soon be listed on our website as well. Please stay tuned. 

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